Help a brother out

By Mikey

  • $50,000.00 Goal

    All funds raised will go toward Mikey's ongoing treatment.

Help a brother out.

Mikey needs your help! Earlier this year he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, which has spread to his lymphatic system. He is dealing with a very aggressive form of cancer and is doing everything he can to increase his chances of survival. After fundraising for financial support, Mikey made the decision to travel to Germany in December of 2013 to receive what he believes to be the best treatment option for his situation. After returning from Germany he plans to support his health as best he can, applying the knowledge he has gained overseas to his life in Australia.

Mikey and his girlfriend Sappho initially created this campaign in an attempt to raise the $20,000 needed to cover the cost of Mikey’s treatment at the Arcadia Clinic in Germany. Due to an overwhelming response, this target was achieved quite quickly. Mikey has decided to continue this crowd funding campaign, hoping to lessen the financial burden of his ongoing treatment costs, which have been estimated at roughly $50,000 for 2014 alone. (This estimation includes the follow up treatment he has been recommended to undertake in one years time in Germany).

If you are able to contribute any money to Mikey's treatment costs, please click on the amount you would like to donate and follow the prompts. Alternatively, if you would like to make a direct donation to Mikey, please send him an email at and he will be able to provide you will his bank account details.

Mikey would like to give back to anyone who is able and willing to make a donation. This will take the form of a documentary based on his experiences with cancer. He will combine the footage he has captured of his journey so far, with that from his time in Germany and following experiences to create an honest and transparent insight into his fight with cancer.

If you would like to find out more information or follow Mikey's journey, please like his facebook page: or search; Mikey and the Melanoma. In any case please share this video/ link to help Mikey raise the money for his desperately needed treatment.

Thank you for your support.